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EMC is dedicated to providing a comprehensive array of specialty services to complement our every-day menu of services. This ensures that even when the need for other-than-regular medical care is needed it can be provided by the team that our patients already know and trust.

Our Podiatry department is comprised of a team of medical professionals directed by Israel Goldstein, DPM, who are keenly tuned in to the needs of our patients and explain all the available options and help implement the appropriate procedures and protocols for each individual situation.

From corns and cellulitis to fractures and sprains, the foot specialists at EMC take your concerns seriously and are ready to alleviate your pain and discomfort. Ezra Medical Center’s network of qualified podiatrists specialize in foot and ankle care for all ages.

Our foot specialists render routine care as well as provide our patients with orthotic therapy and patient education about children’s foot disorders. At Ezra Medical Center, we want you to put your best foot forward.

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