Pediatric Dentistry Parent Education

Pediatric Dentistry Parent Education Brochures

The following parent education brochures address the most customary topics in pediatric oral health. Many describe pediatric dental services and procedures available to you and your child. The information provided should serve as a resource and not as a standard of medical care with regards to your child’s oral health care. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry does not provide clinical diagnosis and treatment recommendations. Patients and their families should consult their local pediatric dentist concerning specific treatment questions and options. AAPD also does not provide dental referrals, make recommendations concerning the quality of services of any specific dentist, nor intervene or mediate in communications between patients and their individual dentist.
Conscious Sedation
Dental Care for Your Baby
Diet and Snacking
Emergency Dental Care
General Anesthesia
Nitrous Oxide
Preventive Dentistry
Regular Dental Visits
Space Maintenance
The Pediatric Dentist
Thumb, Finger and Pacifier Habits
X-Ray Use and Safety

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