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General Dentistry:
Dental care and oral hygiene is one of the most important areas of health and wellbeing and being under the care of the right dentist is crucial to long-term, pain-free, disease-free dental health and hygiene.

The EMC dental department is staffed by a team of uniquely qualified dentists and hygienists who are ready to put their skills to use to ensure the correct treatment for every individual patient.

From standard cleanings and check-ups to more complicated dental work, the oral care available at EMC is guaranteed to make your smile brighter.

Pediatric Dentistry:
Perhaps the most important time for proper oral care is during the early years of a child’s life. While the teeth are developing, the opportunities to identify and correct conditions that can potentially cause health issues later on in life are extremely important.

The experienced team of pediatric dentist at EMC is specially trained to work with children, to keep the environment kidfriendly and fun, all while providing toprated dental care.

The EMC pediatric dentistry staff includes Pediatric and Periodontal Specialists who employ dentistry methods to ensure that kids will not develop an aversion to visiting the dentist and/or to developing adverse attitudes toward their oral hygiene.