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My son has always been "bumping" into others and unaware of his position in the environment. Since he graduated Vision Therapy he is more aware of his surroundings. He is even taking driving lessons and was I nervous!! He is doing great! Thank you all in Vision Therapy for helping my son reach his potential!
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Ezra Medical Center Success Stories

To Mr. Hecht, I am a patient at Ezra medical Center almost two years now. I just wanted to tell you how happy I am. You really accommodate all your patients. Both with regards to waiting in a waiting room with and without a VCR and also in the rooms. Your staff is absolutely amazing. In the front making appointments and in the rooms the dental assistants. I use only your Dental Department and I want to make a special mention of your dentist Dr. Kroll. Dr Kroll is really a super special dentist. She treats all my children so well and gently that they do not fear coming again and again B"H. Also I am very happy with Dr. Abitbol. He is very respectful and gentle also. Thank you for providing me and my family this important service and for making us feel good about coming to Ezra medical Center. All The Best, A Lot Of Luck, A grateful patient.

When I originally came with my daughter for vision therapy I was skeptical. I had heard mixed review from friends. However, I decided to leave an open mind. I have since the first session been favorably impressed. My daughter's speed and focus improved noticeably after approximately the first five sessions, and we have been seeing constant improvement ever since. She is now in a new school and is doing well with her reading and she can read ads from papers and magazines with ease. I guess my friends never used Dr. Gelfond and associates for their vision needs. Everyone was professional and extremely competent. I would recommend them to my children's school and anyone else who asks.

Dear Mr. Hecht, I am writing to tell you how much I appreciate the healthcare service you provide at Ezra Medical Center. Since I started visiting your clinic my health has improved dramatically. Of course, that is testimony to the skill of your doctors. More remarkably, it bespeaks the quality of the human side of Ezra Medical Center. I avoided doctors for years because I could not see myself entrusting my health to someone who made me wait for hours only to see the doctor for a few brief moments. I thought, would my doctor care if I did not show up for a checkup for several years? The answer sadly was no. I never had a doctor or staff who made me feel they cared until I started visiting your clinic. The policies you set up at Ezra speak volumes on compassion and are models of professionalism. I rarely wait more than a few minutes for my appointment. While this is hard for me at times since I am tardy by nature, I am content to reschedule my appointment so as not to inconvenience other patients. I know that I too will not be delayed for my appointments. All the doctors I see, specifically Dr. Teitelbaum, Dr. Abitbol, and the rest of the dental and vision staff, give me plenty of time to discuss my concerns and explain their diagnosis and conclusions. Their care promotes my commitment to improve my health. In addition, when I get a phone call reminding me that I am due for an appointment, the message is “The doctor is concerned that you have not been here for a while”. And I believe it! Ezra’s policies of respect for the patients are exemplary as well. The waiting area is well appointed and considers all the sensitivities and needs of every visitor. A friendly assistant greets me and escorts me to the examination room. There is plenty of staff to enable me to schedule follow-up visits quickly. There is a wealth of high-quality equipment. The staff’s concern for safety is evident in the many precautions they take to cover all surfaces where germ transference might occur. Last time I was at the Center, I noticed the staff members wearing radios with earpieces. The nurse explained that Ezra introduced the radios to improve the privacy of the patients, so announcements about one client would not be overheard by another client. What sensitivity! Ezra services primarily low-income patients, yet your set up is superior to exclusive private doctor’s offices. You spare no cost or effort and you are relentless in your mission to provide the best medical care in the most comfortable and respectful environment. Thank you so much for all you do for our community. May you and your staff be blessed with brocho, hatzlocho, v’kol tuv, and of course with briyas hanefesh v’haguf ad meya ve’esrim shana.

Thank you so much to the Vision Therapy Department at Ezra Medical Center, in particular Dr. Gelfond. My daughter S’s reading skills have greatly improved since I began therapy with her in September. She is a much happier and confident, well-adjusted child since then. I found the therapist to be courteous, friendly and caring at all times. My overall experience was very positive and rewarding. Keep the good work! Thank you.

To Dr. Rutner, the secretary and any other staff member who so graciously and patiently took such good care of my husband's emergency eye infection this afternoon. My husband did not stop talking about your patient service you provided for him. Since we live in Monsey, it was a big deal to go find an eye doctor in Brooklyn where my husband is working. But you responded so understanding to his needs. Additionally, many thanx to the secretary who so thoughtfully arranged a doctors appointment in Monsey, AND in FLORIDA!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you, may you all get reimbursed for all the amazing service you provide to all your patients. With endless appreciation,
Y & R G

I am coming to Ezra's dental for the past 2 years, until then I thought that going to a dentist means pain and long waits. Since I started seeing Dr. Eisenberger at Ezra I referred all my friends and family which some of them were using different detests and have the same positive experience. We could stay with a smile by visiting and being treated by the great team at Ezra. Keep up the great work.
M. D.

To Whom It May Concern: I am very thankful to Ezra Medical Center for giving my children Devoiry and Chana the opportunity to improve their vision with your professional staff of doctors and therapists. With Vision Therapy, they are able to cope much better in school and are enjoying much more when reading since their eyes don't tire as quickly. With much appreciation.
J. W.

Bracha is reading well and for long periods of time. This is a tremendous difference from before she started her therapy. She also is praying while looking into her book, not as before when she couldn't look into it for more than just a few minutes. Thanks a lot. It is okay for any parent to call me for a referral.
G. R.

I was very impressed by all the work that was done for my children at Ezra Medical Center for their Vision Therapy. I never even knew about this type of therapy until I was introduced to it over here. I wish I could have had this when I was growing up. I'm sure it would have helped a lot. Dr. Gelfond worked very well and the children enjoyed working with her and her staff. They were very nice and understanding to them even when they showed up after a day of school and were in an agitated mood and didn't listen very well. Thank you for all that you have done for us.
M. K.

My son Yechiel is in a gifted class but has lost interest in reading. After Vision Therapy he has a renewed interest in reading and is choosing more challenging books. His spelling ability has not yet improved and patterns in the English language still seem to be difficult for him. I hope this area will improve as we practice maintenance work at home.
M. F.

Betzalel has been doing much better in school due to his increased ability to focus in class. This has positively affected his behavior as well. Thank you.
E. F.

Yes, my daughter Yael has benefited from Vision Therapy. Her teachers agree that she is focusing better and is becoming a better student. For us, Vision Therapy has been a sound investment. Thank you for your efforts on her behalf.
P. M.

I have found this experience most rewarding. My son has improved in his coordination, reading and overall focusing. There has been a noticeable difference. I will recommend this program to others. Thank you.
B. O.

First I want to express my utmost thanks and appreciation to The One Above for giving humanity the gift of understanding the workings of the eye and the knowledge of therapy. A big thank you to Rabbi Shlomo Igel for the great service that you provided for the community. Thank you to Rabbi Yishai Hecht for directing Ezra Medical Center. Thank you doctors and staff of SUNY Medical College for their service, time and devotion to their patients. The Torah considers a non-seeing person as dead. Vision Therapy had a big part in perfecting my vision, thereby making my whole life more complete. A big thank you and may you be blessed with many more years of success.
A. M.

I feel happy here. They gave me good treatment. I used to have headaches and now it's gone. I think this helped me very much.
M. K.

Vision Therapy has done a great deal for my daughter. She stopped telling me that she sees double after reading one page. She also seems to be able to concentrate on one thing for a longer period of time. She now knows how to focus her eyes correctly. As an added bonus, the doctors were wonderful, patient and very kind. Thank you Dr. Gelfond and staff for making it so pleasant for us.
F. S. and Mommy

My son's teacher told us about Vision Therapy because his reading did not match the rest of his skills. Right away, we noticed a difference. His eyes didn't get tired so easily and he wasn't losing his place so often. He also enjoyed reading as opposed to dreading to open a book. After ten sessions, he was up to par with his class and his new teacher saw him as no different than the rest of his class when it came to his reading. Thank you so much to all of you for helping our son.
Y. P.

My son is reading much better. He is much faster and fluent than he was to begin with. We found the whole process very enlightening and the staff fantastic. Thank you very much.
D. K.

It appears as if the therapy has improved my child's performance in school as has been noted by the teachers. The experience itself has made this girl a little more mature and a bit more confident in herself and her abilities. This is also due to the attention and care given to her during these sessions.
R. U.

It is hard for us to evaluate all Vision Therapy has done for our daughter. We are very grateful for all your effort in helping her get over this hurdle and hope that all that has been put into this important area of her vision development will bear much fruit in her future success as a student. It gave her much confidence in her abilities. With thanks.
Family W.

I have found that since Tzipora began Vision Therapy she has started to have a greater interest in reading. Before Vision Therapy, she would seldom do any reading just for enjoyment. Now, she has started to take a book to bed with her almost every night just for the pleasure of reading. Thanks so much for all the work and encouragement you have given her.
Y. D.

My Vision Therapy experience was very rewarding. From the day Malka began, we started seeing results. Her teachers in school saw a change in her reading and in responding quicker to instructions. Thank you for everything!
E. S.

Since I started Vision Therapy, I've been getting less headaches and my eyes don't get weak when I'm tired.
R. W.

Vision Therapy really benefited Norma by building her self-confidence in reading in school and at home. Her teachers also commented that she made beautiful progress in her schoolwork due to her Vision Therapy. She also loves now to read and to pick up any book she finds which before she wouldn't do. We really thank you for all you did for our Norma.
K. L.

I really think Vision Therapy was very helpful for my daughter. Thank you.
B. M.

Before I went to therapy, I didn't enjoy reading. Since I went, I enjoy reading much more.
G. G.

The Vision Therapy has helped me in many ways. Here are some: First of all, when I come home from school, I don't have any headaches anymore. Second of all, I feel that when I look up to the blackboard and back to my paper it takes me much quicker to see. You have made reading so much easier for me!
B. P.

I have found that Chaim Aryeh seems to enjoy reading more now than in the past. Since school is based on reading, this has had a positive impact in all areas.
E. F.

Vision Therapy has decreased headaches for me. Now I can read without headaches and things that would have looked double before are single now. Thank you!
E. E.

My son Noam went to Vision Therapy because he complained that it was hard for him to read for a long time without losing the place or going to the wrong line. After graduating from the therapy he told me that his problem is all gone. Thank you for helping my son. Reading is such an important tool in life that I am so thankful and glad that my son can read easily now and I'm sure it will be of great benefit to him for the rest of his life. I also would like to express my appreciation to the therapists and to Dr. Gelfond for their competency and for dealing with the children in such a warm and caring way.
Mr. and Mrs. L.

First of all, I want to express my thanks and sincere appreciation for your care and devotion. Vision Therapy has helped me read with more ease and less headaches. I can now read for longer periods of time without it getting blurry or double. I can now concentrate much better when reading at home and in school. I enjoyed Vision Therapy immensely- each session was fun and enjoyable. Thank you so much! I really appreciate it, Your grateful patient
M. M.

Before I started Vision Therapy I got headaches every time I read a book. Now all the headaches went away and I can read more often. Also, in school, whenever I had to do work in my book I got headaches. Now I don't. Vision Therapy helped me in school and at home and I really liked it.
C. R.

Since I went to Vision Therapy I find it much easier to take notes in class. I also find it easier to read. I'm very happy to have improved my vision. Now I can concentrate much better in school! Thank you!
S. F.

I did find Vision Therapy very helpful for me. Now when I come home from school my headaches are much less. Also, you taught me what to do when I fall into trouble with my eyes. Now I also fall into much less problems than usual. I really think it was very good for me to come. Thank you for all the effort that you put in.

Dear Max and Lora, I want to thank you for getting me better to learn and study all subjects. Thank you again from your friend.
Y. E.

There aren't enough words to express my feelings of thanks and gratitude. The therapy has impacted my son in many ways, but I think the main area of impact is in his self-esteem! He saw that he was and is just like everyone else. The feeling of accomplishment is on a much greater scale than someone who doesn't have to toil that extra bit to reach his goal. I highly recommend any person who needs this therapy to get it!
S. E.

Thank you for the special experience my son had taking Vision Therapy. The doctors and assistants were very pleasant and helpful. I feel that my son's performance in school improved nicely since he has been taking Vision Therapy. He follows along better and has a better comprehension of what he is reading. He also enjoyed the time out and special attention!
A. J.

Vision Therapy helped me when I looked at a paper and saw black spots all over and got frustrated. I now see a regular page the way it should look- with words on it! Thank you!
E. S.

Gitty has benefited greatly from the Vision Therapy. Her focusing has improved greatly. She is also more eager to read and enjoys reading. Thank you for a job well done.

I have noticed my son does not shake his head so much as he used to. He also does not keep his head on a tilt as much as he used to. I am pleasantly pleased with the therapy results. Thank you.
H. W.

Vision Therapy has greatly impacted our son scholastically and socially. His reading and comprehension skills were greatly improved. Better vision has also helped him socially. He now participates in sports with his friends and has mastered bicycle riding.
T. P.

I felt that it helped me because I could bring my eyes in together. I am proud to finish therapy. I see that I improved. I want to thank you for the help you have given me.
S. S.

I had a very thorough examination by friendly, caring doctors and staff. I think the glasses are clear and great; I have to use it for a month, but I think that it should work well. Thank you.
O. W.

I am a twenty-eight year old full time student and I had problems focusing. I had double vision and blurry vision. After about ten Vision Therapy sessions there was a tremendous improvement. I would recommend anyone with this problem to try Vision Therapy.
S. K.

First of all, it taught my son to stop-look-think about what he is seeing and to perform accordingly. It also guided me as a mother how to help my son and to instruct his teachers as well. The time you put into my son was very much appreciated and it has opened doors for myself and for him. It has helped us teach him in the way he could learn best. Thank you.
R. S.

My son's concentration level has improved. He has more patience for learning, especially when it comes to intense learning and reading. He also learned what to do when he gets blurry vision. I think vision therapy is necessary and important for a growing child on a consistent basis. My son is more aware that vision does affect learning capabilities. He is glad that we followed up on all his sessions and we are glad to see a substantial improvement in his learning and personal well-being. Thank you very much!

First of all, I would like to thank the dedicated and professional staff that took care of our daughter. Special mention to Dr. Rutner and I. Gelfond. Because of this therapy, her self-esteem quotient went way up. She is more poised, focused and twice as social as before. She is more focused when it comes to taking on and completing tasks. In school she listens and participates more in class. This means she is following the subject matter, understanding in depth and speaking up. Also, she is less distracted and fidgety. Her acting out is about down to nil. She now wants to baby-sit outside the home. So, in summary, this program has really done wonders for our child. The only way now for her is up! Thanks so much.

My son has always been "bumping" into others and unaware of his position in the environment. Since he graduated Vision Therapy he is more aware of his surroundings. He is even taking driving lessons and was I nervous!! He is doing great! Thank you all in Vision Therapy for helping my son reach his potential!
A Proud Parent

The Dental Mobile van is a great time saver for parents, no need to take the girls to the dentist - the dentist comes to them. Thank you so much.
Y. K., Brooklyn

I still can't believe how fast I was finished with my yearly checkup AND dentist appointment when there was a full waiting room when I got there. Great service at Ezra, keep it up!
E. L.

The efficiency and service at Ezra Medical Center is something out of this world!
M B, Brooklyn, NY

We are very happy at Ezra Medical Center. A health care center like this was long due in our neighborhood.
YK, Brooklyn

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