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Behavioral Health

At Ezra Medical Center our focus is on comprehensive care that considers each individual as a whole. Since we firmly believe in the importance of addressing every issue relating to your health, both physical and emotional, our superior medical team of skillful physicians is now collaborating with behavioral health care professionals to bring you the highest quality of care.

The Behavioral Health Department at EMC offers behavioral health care in a professional office setting where privacy and confidentiality is highly respected and valued. Our trained professionals understand the needs of the community and offer services in several languages, including Yiddish. We provide therapy to children, adolescents, adults, couples and families for personal growth and development, anger management, depression, postpartum depression, peer and social pressures, parenting, family and relationship conflicts, anxiety, fears, phobias, loss, grief, trauma and life crisis.

We encourage and emphasize the importance of self-care to enhance your quality of life so you can handle everyday stresses and concerns with more confidence and equanimity.

Ezra Medical Center: Centered on You.

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