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Success Stories
Since I went to Vision Therapy I find it much easier to take notes in class. I also find it easier to read. I'm very happy to have improved my vision. Now I can concentrate much better in school! Thank you!
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Vision Therapy
Vision Therapy Providers
Ilana Gelfond-Polnariev, OD, FCOVD
Stephanie Giordano, OD
Daniel Hazai, OD
Daniella Rutner, OD, Director of Vision Services
Vision Therapy
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About Vision Therapy
Eye Teaming Problems (Binocular Vision Problems)
Visual Processing Problems (Visual Perceptual Problems)
Focusing Problems (Accommodative Problems)
Eye Movement Problems (Tracking Problems)
Amblyopia (Lazy Eye)
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We are a multi-specialty health center providing care to adults and children. The Vision Therapy program at EZRA Medical was developed based on the realization that excelling in the classroom is more than just "seeing" what is written on the board. The program is directed by Developmental Optometrists of SUNY (State University of New York) College of Optometry. This unique program has helped hundreds of children and adults in our community improve their visual skills. Besides optometry and vision therapy, we offer services such as dentistry, primary care and podiatry for all ages.

Ezra Medical Center Vision Therapy provides:

Vision Information Links

Vision and Learning

Binocular Vision Impairments

  • Lazy Eye, Cross-eyed, Double Vision, Strabismus, etc.
    An expert on strabismus covers the most frequently asked questions about eye turns and so much more! This is probably the most comprehensive web site on the subject on the entire internet.

  • Successful Treatment of Lazy Eye, Cross-eyed, Double Vision, etc.
    Read stories written by students, parents and teachers about improvements following Vision Therapy.

  • What is Lazy Eye?
    Lazy eye can be treated at any age. See 2005 National Eye Institute research on treatment of lazy eye in children aged 7 - 17.

  • Children's Vision
    A large web site with many pages of easy-to-understand information on lazy eye, crossed-eyes, strabismus, developmental delays, eye muscle surgery, dyslexia, binocular vision impairments, and much more.

  • Lazy Eye or Eye Muscle Surgery
    Answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding eye muscle surgery as a treatment for lazy eye, crossed eyes, etc. This type of treatment is fairly common, but often yields cosmetic results only.

3D Stereo Vision

  • 3D Vision (Two-eyed Vision)
    How does it work? Why do we need it?

  • Eye Doctors and 3D Vision
    Eye doctors use stereoscopic 3D images to develop and reinforce 3D vision.

    Learn to see 3D! Visit the 3D Art Gallery and view Magic Eye stereograms, stereo photographs, optical illusions, and much more.



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